New Year DO You: Find your BFW in 10 minutes

My BFW?!? What in the name of all things fluffy does that even mean?? Well…it’s your Big Fat WHY of course!

Now I know what you’re thinking…what in the world is that?? It’s the ultimate purpose behind your goal. Several theories of decision making suggest a simple exercise to quickly discover the true driving force behind each goal you set.

Let’s test this out. You’ll need a pen and paper for this…or crayons and a Post-it like I had when I first tried this. Focus on the one thing you really want to accomplish this year. Once you have that in mind, concentrate it down into a max of three words. Write that down at the top of the paper. Now draw a short arrow pointing down with the word “Why” written on it. Below the arrow write your answer using no more than three words. Repeat this two more times. When answering the last “why” your answer should only be one word. This is your #BFW (Big Fat Why), your true purpose behind the desire to accomplish your goal! Knowing this will help you get really specific on what your goal truly is and know exactly how to knock it outta the park.

What’s the one trick you can always use to accomplish any goal? Come back next week for another Double Espresso tip session in our New Year DO You series!

Design your limitless life and start living today. Our team of coaches are here to help! Whether you need a quick pep talk to get yourself in gear or a full on accountability partner, we tailor our services to meet each of our client’s needs.


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